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  As someone who is very fond of politics- especially Canadian politics- this film deeply troubles me.
  It is the story of how the country can be bought and sold so easily. It is a warning. While extremely unlikely, th...展开is could happen. It uses characters very deliberately based on previous Canadian icons (Trudeau being the big one) to hit close to home. These people have already been in power and we never thought anything overly terrible of what they did while they were in power. This film- in a very Isaac Asimov way (though, obviously Asimov was brilliant and Gross, while a good writer, cannot compare) shows us how close we are to our greatest fears.
  One day, the prime minister dies in a canoeing incident and after running and winning leadership of the party his father lead, his son takes power and starts pushing through some very aggressive legislations. Later, we find out that his father's death and that of the woman who was with him were suspicious in the extreme and we start to see little by little what's really going on, though the ending is a total shock. It is hard to describe without giving it away, so suffice it to say it uses past Canadian political experiences (the Free Trade agreement, the War Measures Act, Black October) to show how close we are to losing it all.
  With outstanding direction (actually making Parliament Hill look sexy), great acting from Paul Gross, Guy Nadon and Martha Henry and a shocker ending, this is well worth watching. Especially for Canadian political junkies like me.
  When the Prime Minister of Canada is found dead in a Quebec river, his son, Tom McLaughlin (Paul Gross), takes over the job, bent on finding the true reason of his father's death. Meanwhile, the United States' water supply has nearly dried out due to over-pumping. Tom accepts the President's plan to divert part of the Great Lakes to help Canada's southerly neighbours. However, Sgt. Leah Collins (Leslie Hope) and MP Marc Lavigne (Guy Nadon) slowly piece together a conspiracy that threatens Canada's existence.
  This movie has touched millions of Canadian citizens, and millions of politically aware people all over the world. It has also a mockery of Islamic fundamentalism showing a Muslim Canadian as a terrorist while the reality that Canadian prime minister and the government is blaming it on this guy whom is discovered later on that he had nothing to do with it. They just blamed on him because that's the true stereotype of today where Muslims are bad. The film doesn't stop there but talk in an indirect way of all different races in Canada as Canada is a big melting pot and one of the biggest cosmopolitan country in the world.
  The son of the dead prime minister of Canada which is Tom McLaughlin (Paul Gross) is shown as an innocent person who had no interest on running for office. Then, later on, it shows how he had a plan all along to run for office. The problems face the true reality of today where Canada's wealth in terms of H2O, oil reserves, and rich Uranium is all being sucked up by the United States of America.
  The film is witty and smart and endeavor's all different aspects of Canada past, present and future. It's one of the most important movies of today's facts and reality. And even though it's not a documentary but the film is actually more than true and fact of today's Canada.
  This movie came from the Estimate of Environment Canada that Canada holds 20% of the world's fresh water, but has only 7% of the world's fresh renewable water.
  It was reported by Time Magazine written by Stephen Handelman on August 2001 he wrote "What Kuwait is to oil, Canada could be to water. In 2001 at the global economic summit, George W. Bush said, "water will forever be an issue in the U.S., particularly in the Western part," and added, "I look forward to discussing this with Prime Minister Jean Chretien." Canadian Environment Minister David Anderson snapped that the Bush-Chretien discussion would be brief. The prime minister "will tell the president that we have a policy of not exporting water, and that, I guess, will be it," said Anderson.
H2O (2005)
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2005-06-12  (2005年)
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