Agony (1979)






  Jane Lucas is an agony aunt, who is highly successful in her career working at radio call-in show (for Happening Radio 242) in London and for magazine Person, but whose personal life is a shambles. Her Jewish mother, B...展开ea, interferes in all aspects of her life and her psychiatrist Christian husband Laurence is unreliable, all the people she works with are tireless self-promoters including the libidinous journalist Vincent Fish. Other characters included the editor of Person magazine Diana, secretary Val Dunn, radio colleague Andy and her gay neighbours Rob and Michael.
  Series 1 (1979)
  1. Help
  2. An Unmarried Couple
  3. Conjugal Wrongs
  4. Wedlock, Deadlock
  5. Forever and Never
  6. Too Much Agony, Too Little Ecstasy
  Series 2 (1980)
  1. Back to Reality
  2. Working Girls
  3. Coming Out... and Going In Again?
  4. Television Can Damage Your Health
  5. Problem Parents
  6. Second Time Around
  7. A Woman Alone
  Series 3 (1981)
  1. From Here to Maternity
  2. Arrivals and Departures
  3. Hospital Romances
  4. Communications Breakdown
  5. Holy Wars
  6. Lucas v Lucas
  7. Rings Off Their Fingers
Agony (1979)

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