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Just the Ten of Us影片简介

  It all began on April 20, 1988, during an episode of Growing Pains entitled "How the West Was Won". When Mike Seaver's favorite teacher, Coach Lubbock, loses his job, Mike and Boner discover that the coach has nine mou...展开ths to support. So what happens? Coach Lubbock uproots his family and moves them to Eureka, California, where he becomes the coach at St Augustine's Academy, a Catholic school. The twist? It's an all-boys school, and he has five daughters to enroll. Sexcapades abound, but a lesson is always learned.
  The Lubbock clan included Graham's wife, Elizabeth, a Catholic woman with a lot of faith and values; J.R, a pre-teen delinquent who delighted in watching scary movies and terrorizing his sisters; Sherrie, the resident pre-teen brainiac; and toddlers Harvey and Melissa. The main focal point of the series were the beautiful Lubbock Babes: repressed and nun-like Marie, the eldest child; loopy Cindy, the space-cadet; Wendy, the flirtatious daughter with the blond tresses; and Connie, the "literary" one. During the second season, the four teen daughters formed the singing group "The Lubbock Babes," and began headlining at a local eatery.
  Also seen were Graham's boss, Father Hargis, the self-centered & absent-minded head of the school; Sister Ethel, the scatterbrained little old nun; Duane Johnson, the head of the athletics department; and Gavin Doosler, St. Auggie's resident doof who fauned over the Lubbock Babes. Over the course of the show's run, half of the minor guest stars returned as different characters.
  Although the series was not considered very successful, it seems to be well remembered and loved. A lot of people remember it because after it got canceled, USA picked up the rights and aired reruns daily for six years.
Just the Ten of Us (1988)
Bill Kirchenbauer / Deborah Harmon / Heather Langenkamp
喜剧 / 家庭
1988-04-26  (1988年)
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