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Young Soldiers影片简介

  The documentary follows one group of young men as they leave friends, families and lives behind to become Britain's next generation of infantry soldiers.
  Following them from the first day of basic training at Ca...展开tterick to the start of their first tour of duty in Afghanistan, Young Soldiers takes an unprecedented look at what life is really like for one group of boys as they journey to become Army men.
  The first episode starts with the boys' first day as new recruits. Ashley (19), Lee (19), Darren (22) and Andrew (26) are just a few of the young men who pass through the Infantry Training Centre at Catterick each year. Here, they train to become some of the best infantry soldiers in the world. But before they can learn about guns and grenades, it is 5am starts, ironing creases into trousers and the secrets of good hygiene.
  The trainee soldiers are drilled on everything from personal fitness to keeping their lockers tidy and some are finding it tougher than others. Those who survive the first five weeks of intensive preparation will be rewarded with the first milestone in their army careers, the presentation of their regimental berets.
  The families of these new recruits are also adjusting to a new regime as they struggle with the decision their sons have made to join the Army at a time of conflict and their inevitable deployment to Afghanistan.
  Young Soldiers follows four men as they take their first steps into one of the toughest jobs in the world: life as a British soldier.
  The first two episodes cover basic training, episode three follows two infantrymen to A Coy 1 RIFLES and PDT with episode 4 concentrating on operations, again with A Coy.
  A fifth episode, focusing on A Coy’s Homecoming and Medals Parade, will follow in November/December this year.
Young Soldiers (2011)
Dov Freedman
纪录片 / 战争
2011/09/15  (2011年)
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