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  An excellent Romanian comedy! They don't do them like they used to..., 2 June 2005
  Author: Chitan Adrian (spoon_qb) from Romania
  The movie is about the ...展开Miscellanious Brigade of the Bucharest Police and their extraordinary cases that they end up solving. All their cases start like a real misc. case (a dog was stolen, someone didn't pay after spending a week at a Moldavian monastery, and so on and so on...)but they end up solving a real complicated case (smugling drugs in the country, stealing expensive masterpieces and selling them abroad, etc.). And all this is done in a very comic atmosphere, using the best actors Romania ever had. The trio Dem Radulescu (decesed), Puiu Calinescu (decesed) and Jean Constantin (alive) makes you laugh with tears in your eyes, because of the situations they get mixed up in :))). Toma Caragiu (decesed) plays a very serious role, but that's what makes the movie more fun. These four along with the other actors build up the best Romanian trilogy comedy of all times. Yes it's a trilogy. Every episode has 2 parts. Episode I: At the MegaStore and The Mimic Professor; Episode II: Janne Doe and Short-Term Widows; Episode III: Drugs for Grandma and The Wonder Icon.
  The action takes place in Bucharest (first two episodes) and on the sea side and in the mountains (the last episode).
  That's about all I can say about this movie because the best way to rate a movie is to watch it. It's a Romanian-humor movie so if any of you foreign movie lovers puts his/her hand on this movie, please have a good subtitle or learn Romanian (it's worth it).
  Sorry about my spelling but I know better how to speak English than to write it.
B.D. în alerta (2006)
2006-06-07  (2006年)
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