Haydn: Orlando Paladino (2009)





Haydn: Orlando Paladino影片简介

  Orlando paladino, Hob. XXVIII:11
  Composer: Haydn, Franz Joseph
  Libretto/Text Author: Porta, Nunziato
  Libretto Source: Badini, Carlo Francesco
  Conductor: Jacobs, Rene
  Orchestra: Freiburg Baroque Orchestra...展开
  Alcina: Pendatchanska, Alexandrina
  Angelica: Petersen, Marlis
  Caronte: Kataja, Arttu
  Eurilla: Im, Sunhae
  Licone: Kataja, Arttu
  Medoro: Staveland, Magnus
  Orlando: Randle, Tom
  Pasquale: Torres, Victor
  Rodomonte: Spagnoli, Pietro
  Producer: Smaczny, Paul
  Set/Stage Designer: Lowery, Nigel
  Costume Designer: Lowery, Nigel
  Lighting Designer: Freese, Olaf
  Choreographer: Hosseinpour, Amir
  Stage Director: Hosseinpour, Amir
  Stage Director: Lowery, Nigel
  Television Producer: Atteln, Gunter
  Television Director: Morell, Andreas
  Date of Production: 08-05-2009
  Venue: Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin
  Playing Time: 02:47:00
  Catalogue Number: 2057788
  UPC: 880242577887
  In the Summer of 2009, the British director Nigel Lowery and the Iranian choreographer Amir Hosseinpour brought to the stage of the Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden, with colour and full of humour, the fantastic and imaginative adventures of "Racing Roland". On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the death of Joseph Haydn, the composer's most renowned opera during his lifetime,Orlando Paladino, was performed, a heroic-comical stage piece based on Ariost's famous Versepos. Singers such as Marlis Petersen (Angelica), Tom Randle (Orlando), Alexandrina Pendatchanska (Alcina), Pietro Spagnoli (Rodomonte), Sunhae Im (Eurilla) and Victor Torres (Pasquale) performed under the musical direction of period-music specialist René Jacobs. The Freiburg Baroque Orchestra completed this high-class production giving the music a beautiful sound and lively swing.
Haydn: Orlando Paladino (2009)

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