The Devil Inside Her (1977)





The Devil Inside Her影片简介

  The Devil Inside Her is a proud example of what can be done with a little imagination, some mediocre acting and actors that perform too any high standard you could wish, so the cuts at the box office were very lucrativ...展开e affairs, Thanks to the almost ‘legendary’ 42nd street pre –Reagan these ‘unusuals’ drew in the masses.
  The film was directed by Zebedy Colt who churned out some notorious roughies as his contribution to the genre (as well as playing the nasty sleazoid lead character as well). This is one of his best, there is a certain redness that is used primarily for the climatic ‘double pene-everything’ orgy.
  The ending is very lewd and terribly ‘naughty’ but somehow pulls away from the ‘crudity’ and gravitates towards a more pantomime-esque/fairytaled version of events. With a climax starring Annie Sprinkle in one of her most resplendent roles, the target of three full bladder reliefs, it becomes a type of ‘darkroom’ lit obscenity and all the more ‘hellishly’ good for doing so.
  The people’ possessed’ sequences are also quite fascinating as they, despite a little o.t.t eye make up, spasm their tongues wonderfully. Scenes seem lifted from ‘Haxan’ (1927) where the demons do exactly the same as represented by the actors 50 years later.
  Some cool use of exterior footage is well handled showing the director had a ‘flair’ that was not ‘that’ essential to the plot but represents such rural beauty compared to the aggressiveness to happen at Satan’s’ banquet.
  The one delight is the character of the ‘Devil’ himself (played theatrically by Rod Dumont); he is surprisingly scary considering the low budget constraints but ‘villains-it-up’ in a delight campful way it at time steals the show.
  We first encounter him in the woods where he is masturbating to the sound of music/vocals played backwards. I have never seen anyone with the capability of testicle and winky twisting since penis puppetry compared to Mr.Dumont. He literally has a Reed Richards penis, skin and testiclay that at one stage it looks as those it’s going to be stretched out of the screen and poke your eye out. Quite remarkable.
  The body hopping is a nice touch and endearingly ensures everyone who is anyone gets fucked these too are handled not in your usual ‘grind house-porno’ fashion.
  The short 65 minute running time is long enough it seems, to tell a decent yarn and offer an abundance of deviancy throughout. For a XXX rater it runs quite tame for the first 15 minutes but immediately old Lucifer pops up things become quite different.
  It is at the ending though Mr.Colt & Mr.North really shines bringing some of the most amazing sexual feats achieved while maintaining that whole ‘panto’ feel.
The Devil Inside Her (1977)
Zebedy Colt
恐怖 / Adult
1977-04-29  (1977年)
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