Red Rain





Red Rain影片简介

  China 1933; a young village girl, Meili, becomes caught up in the turmoil of revolution, as the country splits itself between Nationalism and Communism. In parallel with this, we follow her very personal, passionate an...展开d at times tragic love story as she is torn between the desire of two men - Shan and Tao - and all three embark on a defining and dangerous journey that will take them thousands miles across the country.
  This epic love story is set against the background of China’s most powerful, dramatic and iconic event in recent history – The Long March - “The legend that founded the Nation”.
  Permissions through Guangxi Film Studio, China
  Filming through the seasons in 2012
  Shot on location in China
  Filmed in English and Mandarin
  For release in Spring 2013
  Director: John Hay
  Script by: John Hay, Rik Carmichael, Tim Purcell and Li Pingfen
Red Rain

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