Hunting Tigers





Hunting Tigers影片简介

  HUNTING TIGERS provides an off-beat and entertaining look at life and art in Tokyo.
  The film begins with Kenzaburo Oe, one of Japan's most important writers and social commentators, who laments that the country's yo...展开ung people, in particular, its new writers and artists, are "spoiled, un-original, too affluent and too influenced by Western culture."
  The filmmaker then sets out on a whimiscal journey through the wilds of Tokyo to prove or disprove Mr. Oe's hypothesis. He meets four strange and wonderful artists: pop singer Jun Togawa, performance artist Rosa Tsukinoyo, collage maker Genqui Numata (who also calls himself "The Bonsai Kid" and "The World's Greatest Artist"), and dancer Saburo Teshigawara, one of the most exciting new artists to emerge from Japan. The film explores a world populated, not by soulless salarymen, but by unique and sometimes brilliant creative spirits.
Hunting Tigers

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