À nous les garçons (1985)





À nous les garçons影片简介

  Best known today for being the first movie in which Franck Dubosc starred, "A nous les garçons" was made in the spirit of "La Boum", the number one reference for the French Brat Pack. The movie also shares a similarity...展开 with "Secret Admirer" as love stories between teenagers cause confusing adults to suspect one another of treachery. Very funny, it gave french teenagers great quotes, like when Veronique's boyfriend asks her little sister how he looks with his new dress, she answers:"worst". Great acting by Eric El Mosnino, who plays Cyril's friend. The two major female roles have participated in very different artistic endeavors. Sophie Carle represented Luxembourg in the very popular and dull European Song contest in 1984. As for Valérie Allain, she played in "French in Action" which aired in 1987 when I lived in the States. Her presence encouraged me to see the show and learn French all over again!
À nous les garçons (1985)

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