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  As the world stood transfixed by the repeated newscasts of the World Trade Center collapse, the Pentagon - our nation's fort, took a direct hit by a one-hundred ton airliner laden with fuel...and passengers. Had that p...展开lane hit any other point on the building, thousands more could have died. It was a miracle that more people didn't perish in the horror. The miracles were many that day, as were acts of heroism - many by civilian Pentagon employees. Sacrifices, bravery, and triumph that few Americans have heard about. Admiralty Productions announces "Pentagon 911" - a television documentary that will be the definitive history of the September 11th attack on our nation's military headquarters. For the first time, the heroes, the survivors, and the victim's families will give an account of what actually happened that fateful day. This historic program will commemorate the 5th year anniversary of the attack and will reveal little-known facts and coincidences: - September 11th has always been an historic day for the Pentagon - even before 2001. - The American Airlines 757 wasn't alone in the air. - How the American Airlines pilot (killed by the hijackers) was actually integral to the survival of many Pentagon employees. - The warning call to the Pentagon, minutes before the attack. - The men who went back in through the flames to protect the firefighters. - What was simultaneously taking place at the CIA's National Reconnaissance Office. - The skies were cleared, aircraft were grounded, but one plane was actually permitted to land in Washington under F-16 escort. - A small group witnessed both the crash of American Airlines flight 77 into the Pentagon and the crash of United Airlines flight 93 in Somerset, Pennsylvania. We'll re-visit the minutes before the attack, recreate the moment of impact, join those who survived in their struggle to escape, and explore some eerie coincidences. We'll interview those who went back in through the flames to save others, the woman whose near-term pregnancy saved her life, the firefighters first on the scene, and top military officials in one-on-one interviews about the attack. Viewers will take an inside tour of the Pentagon's "E-ring" where the plane hit, plowed through the "D-ring" and came to rest in the "C-ring," leaving pools of molten aluminum and a trail of unimaginable destruction. We'll hear how a group of visitors was spared by a last-minute question, and from a Navy Lt. Commander who saved the life of a civilian who had been blown skyward by the explosion and landed amidst the burning debris. We will also take a brief look at some controversies surrounding the attack - some say there was no plane, though many witnesses claim to have seen it. In this documentary, new facts will be revealed, amazing stories will be told, and myths will be laid to rest. Americans will be proud to see how quickly the Pentagon responded to defend the nation, and how quickly it recovered from disaster to enable the special men and women on the inside to get back to the business of protecting freedom.
Pentagon 911 (2007)
Joel Ratner
2007-09-11  (2007年)
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