Me & Mrs Jones (2002)





Me & Mrs Jones影片简介

  Liam Marple (Robson Green) is a top tabloid journalist who writes a column under the pseudonym "Mrs. Jones." Prior to a General Election he is given the task of investigating the female Prime Minister, Laura Bowden (Ca...展开roline Goodall), in the hope of exposing any dirt she has to hide. But Liam gets more than he bargains for when a chance meeting makes him see the PM in a new light.
  Laura doesn't know Liam's identity as the infamous columnist "Mrs. Jones." To her, he is a political fundraiser -- who she falls in love with. He helps her forget her failing marriage and plummeting popularity. The real Liam, however, is still sniffing for a scoop...
  But slowly, Liam falls for Laura too, making his life as "Mrs. Jones" more and more untenable. Then, in a last-ditch attempt to save his career, Liam is asked to break a sensational story about the PM's husband. Will Liam's conscience allow him to go through with the plan?
  Liam's actions reveal his true identity to a heart-broken Laura. The couple split and Laura faces the last week of her election campaign feeling emotionally alone. But Liam's love has changed Laura for the better. And made her a better politician.
  Will she and Liam be reunited as lovers? Liam is now pursuing his dream to become a novelist. Will he and Laura be able to re-write the end of their affair?
Me & Mrs Jones (2002)

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