Belkibolang (2011)






  Turithrepe could be the translation of Belkibolang, a contraction of 'Belok kiri boleh langsung' ('Turning right through red permitted'). An exception to the rule. Nine young Indonesian filmmakers take a light-hearted ...展开yet profound look at rapidly changing rules in their society.
  It’s almost New Year's Eve, and life in the bustling Indonesian capital of Jakarta goes on all night. The omnibus film Belkibolang is the visiting card of a new generation of Indonesian film makers. Nine short stories by the same scriptwriter, filmed by nine different directors.
  The story starts with a little girl with an umbrella and a man in the rain who together search the streets, and ends as day breaks and a taxi driver tries in vain to inform his wife he wants to divorce. In between: a colourful, poetic and occasionally ironic mosaic with all the moving, acidic and lightfooted sides of life. Each episode gives an impression of modern Indonesia, but each time with an imaginative twist.
  The best-known of the film makers taking part is Edwin, whose Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly was released in the Netherlands in 2009 after being screened at Rotterdam.
Belkibolang (2011)

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