फंस गया रे ओबामा (2010)





फंस गया रे ओबामा影片简介

  The film begins with Anni (Manu Rishi) and his gangster colleagues who all work for Bhai Sahab (Sanjai Mishra), a gangster, watching U.S President Barack Obama's famous speech 'Yes We Can' on TV. Anni is shown as a big...展开 fan of Obama and wants to migrate to the USA. In USA, Om Shastri (Rajat Kapoor), a business man has faced huge losses due to recession and is all set to lose his house if he can pay his $100,000 loan in the next thirty days. He comes to India to sell his ancestral property in Uttar Pradesh as his last hope. But the recession has also hit India and he struggles to find a buyer.
  Anni meets Om who promises him to take him to U.S. Anni in excitement tells Bhai Sahab who thinks Om is rich and orders his kidnapping. He hopes to get a good ransom so that his bad times (due to recession) end. Om is kidnapped but later tells Bhai Sahab and his men that he is bankrupt. Thanks to the local police, one of the local gangsters Ali comes to know about Om and orders Bhai Sahab to hand over to him. Anni comes with idea of selling Om to Ali. Anni, Bhai Sahab and his men chant 'Yes We Can' out of happiness. Om on hearing their conversation suggests Bhai Sahab and him share the money, in return he would not tell Ali about their cheating. The deal happens and Bhai Sahab gets Rs. 30 lakh (3 million). Bhai Sahab then transfers half the amount to Om's bank account in U.S.
  The other gangster comes to know about Om's bankruptcy. But Om saves his and Anni's life by telling the same idea. The price now is Rs. 60 lakh (6 million) and divided equally. Om is then sold for Rs. 60 lakh (6 million) to Munni (Neha Dhupia), a dread female gangster who hates men. Om is happy because he receives Rs. 30 lakh (3 million) and now there is a total of Rs. 45 lakh (4.5 million) ($100,000 on conversion) in his bank account and tells his wife to pay off the loan. But soon Munni comes to know about Om's state and captures Bhai Sahab and his men. Om again saves his and others life from Munni asking her to play the same trick with local Minister and politician Dhanajay Singh.
  So Munni takes Om to Dhanajay Singh. The Minister runs a kidnapping Mafia and is the head of all kidnappings. Minister pays Munni Rs. 1.5 crore (15 million) and keeps Om and Anni at his guest house. Om and Anni come to know that they will be killed if Om's wife doesn't pay the ransom. At night, Om fakes a heart attack and escapes with Anni. The Minister orders the police for a man hunt. Realizing that he cannot escape to Delhi, he comes with a new plan.
  He goes to the local police station where the Minister is there and surrenders to him. The minister is about to take Om back to the guest house when Anni along with the Minister's supporters and local media arrive. The minister has no option but to release Om. Om on the other hand tells the media to project the Minister as the next Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for saving his life.
  While on his way to Delhi to catch a flight back to U.S, Om is stopped by Bhai Sahab and Munni. Munni gives Om his share but Om tells her to give it to his relatives. Om leaves and Anni stays back in India. In the last scene, Munni asks Bhai Sahab if they can be partners and he replies, "Yes, we can".
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फंस गया रे ओबामा (2010)
Subhash Kapoor
Subhash Kapoor
拉贾特·卡普尔 / 内哈·迪胡皮阿 / Sanjay Mishra
喜剧 / 犯罪
2010-12-03  (2010年)
Phas Gaye Re Obama / With Love to Obama
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