Einbrecher (1930)






  The young and beautiful Renée is married to the rich, old and stuffy Albert, who invents mechanical dolls and owns a factory which produces them. After a year of marriage, Renée is bored and wants to take a lover. She ...展开dreams about a muscled hunk of a man, like the toreador she recently saw in Madrid. Albert agrees with her and will give her a divorce at once, if she finds that man.
  Albert's household is managed by the housekeeper of long standing Hortense, who is jealous of the young wife, spies on her and wants to prove her infidelity.
  The playboy Sérigny, a milksop, pays court to Renée. When she cannot stand her husband's fussing any longer, she agrees to meet him in the afternoon in a rented apartment, even though she is not in love with him.
  The new butler has been taken into service in Albert's household under a false name and with false references. Together with Durand, they plan to rob the Dumontiers of their paintings and jewelry. When the butler hears of another valuable painting in the rented flat, they decide to steal that painting as well.
  From Renée and Sérigny, being exited about their clandestine meeting, the film cuts to the painting in the rented flat, off screen a woman screams and moans in ecstasy, but no, it's only the dentist next door. Renée and Sérigny arrive, but are not really in the mood for sex. Then Durand the burglar enters through the window. A police commissar arrives who has observed the burglary, they pretend to rehearse a song and dance.
  In the evening, Albert expects the American Hutkins who is in the mechanical doll business. Durand arrives as Hutkins and orders 500.000 dolls. Then a faked phone call urges Albert to rush to his factory which is supposed to be on fire.
  Alone with Durand, Renée finally agrees to meet him at night at an address engraved on a bracelet. This turns out to be a Paris nightclub...
Einbrecher (1930)
Hanns Schwarz
Ralph Arthur Roberts / 莉莉安·哈维 / 弗里奇·维利 / Heinz Rühmann / Margarethe Koeppke / Oskar Sima / Gertrud Wolle
喜剧 / 歌舞
1930  (1930年)
Burglars / Murder for Sale
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