Set during the early to mid 1960s, Barbagia (named after a region of the island of Sardinia and released to the American market as The Tough and the Mighty) appears to be an above average drama burdened by terrible edi...展开ting designed to improve its prospects on the drive-in circuit. Terence Hill stars as Graziano, one of three brothers involved in a Sardinian blood feud. After being imprisoned for murdering the man who killed his brother, Graziano breaks out of jail and joins forces with crooked lawyer Spina (Frank Wolff). The two then proceed to from a gang that terrorizes the island via a series of kidnappings, until the abduction of popular Nino Benedetto (Ezio Sancroti) unites the locals with the police, leading to a bloody finale. The film seems to have been heavily edited in its current format, and there is voice-over narration throughout the first reel to fill in the gaps. It's still pretty confusing, but the story is an interesting one and the lousy Greek videotape apparently conceals a pretty good film from talented director Carlo Lizzani (The Last Days of Mussolini).

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