Rough Diamond (2006)





Rough Diamond影片简介

  The storyline hinges on the rivalry between a struggling, near bankrupt young trainer, Aidan Doherty, (Conor Mullen), and his millionaire neighbour, Charlie Carrick (Stanley Townsend), who - together with his wife Yola...展开nda (Lorraine Pilkington) - owns the successful 'Firebrand' yard, up the road. When the series opens, Aidan is set to sell his stables and start over on the other side of the world in Australia. Just as he is about to sign his late father's stables over to wealthy Charlie Carrick, (Townsend), a young stranger turns up with news that rocks Aidan's world. Thus, suddenly into Aidan's life, crashes a son he never knew he had and a crazy colt he never knew he wanted. For the first time, Aidan has a chance of a future - but will he be brave enough to take the reins? Written by Robert Jones, this new six part drama series stars Conor Mullen (Saltwater, Soldier Soldier, Anner House), Lorraine Pilkington (The Clinic, Waking the Dead, Monarch of the Glen) and Stanley Townsend, (The Libertine; Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire; The Virgin Queen, Spooks, Hustle, and Conor McPherson's Shining City) They star alongside 17 year-old newcomers Ben Davies and Muireann Bird in this family drama which is set and was filmed entirely on location in Ireland.
Rough Diamond (2006)

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