12 heißt: Ich liebe dich (2007)





12 heißt: Ich liebe dich影片简介

  Based on a true story, this controversial, award-winning drama examines the love affair of an accused spy and her Stasi (East German secret police) interrogator. Arrested in 1984 for providing intelligence to the West,...展开 Bettina Kramer (Claudia Michelsen) is questioned daily for 6 months by young Stasi officer Jan Kohlfeld (Devid Striesow). Against all odds, and at considerable danger to both, they fall in love and communicate through a secret code devised by Bettina: 11 means ‘you are beautiful’, 12 means ‘I love you’. Years later, after the collapse of the GDR and Bettina’s deportation, she begins a search for Jan. Exploring territory similar to the Oscar-winner “The Lives of Others”, “12 Means: I Love You” is a powerful study of love, guilt and redemption.
12 heißt: Ich liebe dich (2007)

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