Master Photographers (1983)





Master Photographers影片简介

  Alfred Eisenstaedt – Master Photographers 1 of 6
  The programme looks at the life and work of former ‘Life’ magazine photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt. It largely concentrates on his portraits of celebrities from 1929 ...展开to the present.
  Bill Brandt- Master Photographers 2 of 6
  In this rare insight, Brandt shows some of his favourite photographs among them pictures of Paris in the 1920s, his compassionate scenes of Britain in the Depression, his Nudes and many distinguished portraits.
  Andreas Feininger – Master Photographers 3 of 6
  This programme takes a fascinating look at the technical possibilities of creative photography and at Feininger’s firm belief that the camera can enrich people’s way of seeing.
  Jacques-Henri Lartigue – Master Photographers 4 of 6
  The past has been preserved through the perceptions of a Frenchman whose sole aim was to capture the most enchanting moments of his life.
  Jacques-Henri Lartique speaks French, so most of the dialogue for this episode is in French with English subtitles.
  Andre Kertesz – Master Photographers 5 of 6
  Hungarian born Kertesz is considered a poet amongst photographers. In this film Kertesz talks explicitly about the influences on his work, his early life in Hungary, Paris in the 20’s, his colleagues and his friends, Chagall, Mondrian and Colette, and his bitter and long battle for acceptance in the United States.
  Ansel Adams – Master Photographers 6 of 6
  This programme contains interviews and field footage with landscape photographer Ansel Adams (the field footage was captured at a time when John Sexton was Ansel’s assistant). America’s most distinguished landscape photographer, Ansel Adams also has a reputation as one of the world’s greatest printers of photographs.
Master Photographers (1983)
1983  (1983年)
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