PBS维多利亚女王的帝国 Empires: Queen Victoria's Empire






  At the time of Queen Victoria's birth in 1819, England was an agrarian society. Within a few short decades, this small island nation would be transformed into an industrial superpower, with an empire spanning the globe...展开. Queen Victoria's Empire is both the story of this remarkable time, and an engaging portrait of a Queen who ruled over one-fifth of the world's population. It is the story of the influential figures that would shape a distinctively British imperialism: Gladstone, Disraeli, Livingstone, Rhodes, and Prince Albert, Victoria's husband. Whether driven by profit, passion, or noble ideals, these figures would fuel an expansion unequaled in history, forever changing Britain and the lands it controlled. Personal accounts, lush reenactments, and evocative cinematography from former outposts of the Empire, including India and Africa, recount the dramatic clash of personalities and cultures that would drive Victoria's remarkable 64-year reign.
  这个系列既向我们讲述了这个非凡的时代的故事,同时也为我们再现了那个曾经统治世界人口近五分之一的迷人的女王形象,同时还介绍了一系列使得英帝国形成过程中起到重大作用的人物如Gladstone, Disraeli, Livingstone, Rhodes, and Prince Albert等
PBS维多利亚女王的帝国 Empires: Queen Victoria's Empire

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