Eurotrash (1993)






  For people who like to snigger knowingly about sex and bodily functions, Eurotrash Unzipped is essential. It contains selections from all the seasons of Eurotrash, and a lot of material that was never shown because it ...展开was too gross, sexual or simply embarrassing--moments where the remorseless sexy teasing of host Antoine de Caunes just went a little too far. There is an entertaining featurette in which we are taken behind the scenes to the editing suite in which the voice-over staff decide precisely which irritating English accent to dub over the unfortunate French and German interviewees; this is a show that has always combined the view that foreigners are funny with the view that most British accents are funny as well. There is a memorial segment about the massive-breasted Lolo Ferrari, an odd exchange with Eddie Izzard about the danger of British breakfasts, trampolines and helicopters and the usual mixture of the grosser bits of the artistic avant-garde and the more pretentiously up-front sort of sex worker. It is business as usual--De Caunes, and occasionally Jean-Paul Gaultier, laughing at everyone, including themselves and the audience, for even bothering to talk about sex.
Eurotrash (1993)
1993-09-24  (1993年)
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